What's On at WiSE?

EngSci Day Registration Open Now!

WiSE Applications 2023 - 2024

WiSE Coordinator and Director Hiring – Open Now! To learn more about the WiSE positions that are hiring, click here.


Fall 2023

August 10

Mentor Applications Open

August 31

Mentor Applications Close

September 1

Mentee Applications Open

September 20

Mentee Applications Close

November 6-8

BWI Bake Sale

November 12

Brunch with Industry Ticket Sales Close

November 19

Brunch with Industry

November 25

Eng Sci Day

Winter 2024

February 13

Dinner with Industry

March 2

Eng Sci Day

March 8

High School Outreach "Day in the Life @ Queens"

March 9

WiSE x WiE Open House

Opens March 11

Coordinator and Director Hiring

March 23

Badge Day

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