WiSE Outreach is looking forward to hosting events in person again! In the Fall Term, we will be hosting our Fall EngSci Day. In the Winter Term, we will be hosting our Winter EngSci Day events, and our yearly Badge Day event. Our weekly Elementary School Workshops and High School Outreach Events will run throughout the year. 

Our 2023-24 Initiatives


An opportunity for Girls in Gr. 1-6 to come and learn more about STEM! EngSci Day is a fantastic way to meet other girls who are also interested in STEM and to learn in a fun and inspiring environment. 

We are excited to announce that EngSci Day will be happening again in Winter 2024, and are looking forward to conducting super cool experiments and activities!

Winter Session: March 2nd, 2024


Hosted at Queen’s University, Badge Day is an annual event that invites Girl Guides from the Kingston area to participate in STEM experiments and learn about Women in different STEM fields. Depending on what kind of experiments are completed, participants can earn a Science or Engineering Girl Guides Badge to wrap up their fun-filled day!

 Badge Day 2024 is March 23rd! Registration is Currently Open!



The Winston Churchill Outreach Program is a weekly program for girls in Grades 4 to 6 at Winston Churchill Elementary School in Kingston. Our student volunteers organize science and engineering-related activities for elementary students, such as science experiments or design challenges during their lunch and recess.



Our High School program strives to educate and encourage students to consider a future in STEM. 

Calling all future STEM trailblazers! On March 8th, we are hosting “A Day in the Life” of a Woman at Queen’s University with WiSE! 

WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering) at Queen’s University invites high school-aged, female-identifying students to an immersive “Day in the Life of a Woman in STEM” event, specially curated to unlock the secrets of thriving in the world of science and technology!

Campus Tours: Journey through the picturesque Queen’s University campus, walk amongst current Queen’s University students, and learn about the buildings that have allowed young changemakers to further develop their passion for STEM! 

Inspiring Mini-Lectures: Immerse yourself in captivating mini-lectures delivered by esteemed professors, accomplished master’s students, and industry professionals. Gain a sneak peek into the exciting world of STEM at Queen’s!

Lab Tours: Dive into the heart of scientific discovery with exclusive tours of our cutting-edge laboratories. Witness groundbreaking research and envision your own path in the dynamic field of STEM. 

Q&A with Uni Students: Curious about university life in STEM? Engage in a Q&A session with Queen’s University students, who will share their experiences, insights, and the keys to success in navigating the exciting challenges of STEM studies.,