Mentorship Program

Women Supporting Women

Gives undergraduate students the support, advice and encouragement necessary to pursue a career in STEM

Mentors actively develop their leadership skills and grow their network

Program Structure &
Mentorship Streams

Pairings are made based on a  criteria including career interests and goals, educational background, and personal interests. Pairings can be made between those in undergraduate and graduate, graduate and industry, & undergraduate and industry.

Mentee-Mentor communications are self-guided while structure in the program arises from different events and workshops hosted through WiSE mentorship and other Outreach portfolios. This allows for program flexibility while maintaining a common goal.

Get Involved

Each mentor-mentee relationship is unique, with discussions including current career goals, education timelines, resume enhancement, and interview strategies. 

Inquire, Collaborate, Initiate, and Foster.

Easing the transition from high school to undergraduate studies, undergrad to industry and/or postgraduate studies.